About Our Hair


The multicultural, multi-textural country! 

Here you can find the best virgin Remy hair extensions.

Beautiful, silky, thick lustrous locks are abundant in India. Aside from the genetically endowed density and light-catching radiance, Indian hair is as diverse as its culture. Depending on the region, straight, wavy or curly hair is the norm. Virgin Indian Hair offers multiple textures to achieve a seamless, natural look with existing styles or go bold with a daring new look. With such inherent diversity, Virgin Indian hair extensions don’t need to undergo chemical treatment or processing to offer an array of head-turning styles.


Why should you deal with LAGAH EXPORTS – INDIA ?

Dear All,

We guarantee you to provide with the best quality human hair without lice and nits.

We don`t use synthetic mix in our products to decrease the cost of production as we rely on quality work and it is why our customers retention rate is highest in this industry as most of manufacturers and wholesalers  mix synthetic and do not take good care to wash the hair. And we also assure zero shedding.

Why us ?

  • We assure our customers zero lice and nits as hair are properly washed and inspected.
  • We purchase and process hair in tons per month which as result makes our product most economical in the market.
  • Reliable as we check the quality with the help of our specialists to assure the credibility in the eyes of our customers. All hair products sent out from our factory undergoes multiple quality checks and final quality check stamp is put only after each quality inspector is satisfied.
  • One of the best feature of our product is we assure zero shedding of hair even after repeated washing and combing.
  • We specially deal in Indian and Brazilian hair only. So that we maintain our  quality assurances.
  • We buy  these hair directly from the temples of India and are drawn from the single donor ,so all are cuticle correct hair and do not tangle.
  • We deal in remi and non-remi hair wefts/extensions with all sizes and textures as per the requirements of our customers.
  • Our products include machine and hand tied wefts, micro wefts, pre-tip/glue stick/keratin extensions and also wigs-lace and mono for both men and women.
  • We are able to tackle any order size and volume with assured delivery in seven days.
  • We believe in quality work so our clients have no need to worry    for the quality which will be as desired by our customers and committed by us.
  • Our R&D team is always concentrated to gain the best results in  our product and treat the hair with natural Indian herbs which assures the natural shine, long life and zero tangling in hair.
  • Our delivery and production policy is belief in not to extend time in waste on postponements and delays.