Quality Policy

Total Quality Control is ensured in all aspects of hair production, right from sourcing to packaging. Thus all our products delivered conform fully with the samples sent to the buyers. Special attention is paid while packaging to make certain that the products delivered to our clients reach safely.

To produce fine and beautiful hair, we collect hair directly from temples where devotees offer their hair to a peace the Gods and directly from south Indian villages where women grows their hair longer to sell.
Our skilled and efficient workers process this collected hair manually. The collected hairs are washed, cleaned and sorted manually on the basis of size and color. Unhealthy hairs are thus removed by the workers and hence only the healthy hairs are selected and processed. Since human hair is a natural product, manual processing technique is best suited to maintain the natural hair texture.

In the post -wash process the washed hair is evenly cut, untangled and then sorted into different sizes as required by the customers, then combed and bundled ( wefted hairs are sewed together manually).
Our company manufacture different kind of hair extensions and wigs from these premium quality raw hair.
The processed hairs are then specially packed and sent via air, sea or road as requested by our customers and transport mode available.