New Customer FAQs

If you are contacting us first time, you must have below questions in your mind:
Where are you located?

We are based in one of biggest industrial towns called Ludhiana, 300 km away from New Delhi, INDIA.

Is it possible to visit your factory?
Yes, it is possible. Please contact us via WhatsApp at +91 7307073071 or email direct messages to for further information.

 It is required to first have an appointment before coming as meetings without prior appointments are not possible.

What kind of hair do you use to make your extensions?
We use single donor hair. That means it comes directly from a donor. Every bundle includes same donor’s hair therefore it’s the best quality and most valuable product available in the market.


Where does your products come originally from?
We get all our products from our reliable suppliers for many years who buy it directly from Indian Temples and ladies in villages who grow their hair to sell.

Can I buy virgin hair?

Yes, we mainly sell virgin hair, but we advice customers to talk our sales team first before placing the orders as there are a lot of things customers must know about hair before they place the orders.

Does your product have grades?
We don’t use grade system. All extensions we produce have the best quality.

Do you sell double drawn?
First you need to know there is single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn hair.
In whole, we sell only single drawn and on our retails online store like and we offer both single drawn and double drawn,
Kindly talk to our sales executive and read the product description before buying.
But we do not offer Super Double Drawn.

As we use single donor hair, it cannot be super double drawn. It is naturally full.


What is the quality of your hair?
We use top quality raw material and our original technology of dying the hair.
Cuticles intact and runs in one direction. So we produce top quality hair extensions. It can be used for a long time.
Do you have colored Hair?
Yes, we have good range of bleached and colored hair.

Do you provide a guarantee?
We guarantee that our product will not tangle and can be used for 6 months if you take a good care of your purchase. Our product can be reused. It may be used during maximum 2 years.
Please look at refund policy page for detailed information.


What is the minimum quantity to make an order?
There is no MOQ.
But for discounts, we advice minimum order of value US$ 3000.

What are the possible payment methods?
You may pay by PayPal for small retail orders and for wholesale orders of value more than US$ 2500 via Bank Transfer only.


What do I do to make an order?
The best way is to contact us via WhatsApp at +91 73070-73071 and provide us all the necessary details. Also you may send us an email to or send a message via website contact form.
 Retail customers can buy from online store directly as all the product details are already mentioned. But also can contact our sales team for custom orders or any other queries.
Below are our online retails stores:
 1. ( For international customers )
 2. ( For Indian customers only )

How long does the shipping take?
Please refer our Shipping Policy page for the details.


What shipping company do you use?
DHL and FedEx.

Do you have overnight shipping?
We don’t have such option in our region.

Can I return the extensions back?
If something is wrong with the extensions, please contact our manager for further instructions. We will analyse the problem and offer the solution. If it is a problem of the hair quality, we change the extensions or make a refund if needed. We would need to get this order back to realize the problem and avoid it in the future.
Please refer to our Return Policy page.

Can I return the extensions if I don’t like it?
Yes, it is possible. If you have not used it, you can send it back to us in 3 days after receiving.
Please confirm the shipping address with our managers.
You will be refunded when we receive the hair.
Please refer our Refund Policy page for more details.

What kind of care do you recommend your products?

We recommend you treat our product as your own hair, using conditioner every time washing your hair. We also suggest not to use the hairdryer nor the hair-straightener as it may damage the hair.

Is it possible to bleach or color your products later?
We sell a ready-to-use product and don’t recommend to bleach or color it. If you do it, we cannot guarantee the result. Our guarantee would not apply in this case.

Do you offer distribution?
No, but we offer to buy our products and sell it with your own brand.